Baru Helps You Create the Perfect Bedroom

Guest Contributor

May 20, 2021

4 min read

The bedroom is our sanctuary. It’s the place where we get ready in the morning and disconnect from responsibility in the evening. But creating the perfect bedroom requires more than a calming color palette and sturdy mattress--it’s about crafting a space that caters to your individual comfort. 

Whether you are moving into a completely new home or doing some remodeling, Baru is here to help you make the most of your furniture shopping. You are just 5 steps away from the perfect customized bedroom.


Step 1. Choose Furniture Pieces That Fit

Furniture should fit the room’s available space. This is true for both large statement pieces and smaller items. Depending on the layout and size of your living room, you may need custom furniture to fit the exact dimensions. Investing in custom items helps to maximize space and ensures those pieces can stay with you for a long time. You can find custom sized beds and dressers online through the Baru platform, shop around on foot, or build your own bedroom furniture. 

Additionally, it’s always worth investing in what will help you sleep soundly every night and wake up fresh every morning. For some, this might be a quality mattress. It might be a vanity at which to get ready. For others it’s a bedside-table and lamp to encourage reading before bed. For most, incorporating natural materials (like woods and linens), clean lines, and muted colors create a sense of calm at night and a fresh feel in the morning.  

Step 2. Add Storage

Especially if your bedroom has limited built-in closet and storage space, adding more storage is always a plus. And you don’t need to compromise style to do it. You can place shallow storage containers underneath the bed, invest in a bed frame with built-in storage, or add a trunk at the foot of the bed. You could add floating shelves for books and a wardrobe closet for clothes. 

Ideally, you should have enough storage for the practical things (clothes, shoes, accessories) as well as the “feel good” things (books, magazines, cozy blankets, cherished memorabilia, aromatic lotions, etc.) Whatever knick-knacks that help elevate your mood should be front and center with all the practical stuff stored away. 

Step 3. Work With All Six Walls

A bedroom sanctuary is a 360 degree experience. Think about what you would like to look at when you lie in bed. You might use a bright floral wallpaper to energize the space in the morning, or paint the ceiling in a solid cool tone to evoke tranquility at night. One trick is to paint the ceiling a lighter version of the wall color to help visually lower it and create a more cozy, intimate feel. Another overlooked surface is the bedroom floor. Choose sumptuous rugs and carpeting or solid wood and laminate flooring. 

When painting an accent wall or room, keep color theory in mind. Gentle cool hues of purple, green, gray, and blue are typically used for calm and serene vibes. Rich jewel-toned hues like toasty browns, deep burgundy, and topaz set a warm and cozy mood. Whereas bright spots of yellow, orange, mint and pink can help energize your morning. 

Step 4. Add Texture

Texture in the bedroom doesn’t always have to mean “soft” and “fluffy.” You can choose luxurious drapes to frame and welcome in the light, or opt for opaque blinds to keep out as much morning sunlight as possible. You might prefer a shag carpet or tweed rug.  You might want a cashmere throw and silk draperies, or a wool blanket and macramé wall hanging. It’s whatever appeals to your senses.

Step 5. Personalize and Accessorize

Everything should be tailored to your comfort. If sharing a bedroom with a partner, you might need to compromise on the big decisions. But there are little details and elements to help personalize your space without intruding on that of your partner’s. The bedside-table, for instance, is a great little spot to accessorize. The bedside-table is the first thing you interact with in the morning (usually to shut off the alarm) and the last thing we see before bed (reaching over to turn off the lights or to set our reading glasses aside). Equip your bedside-table with your favorite bits and pieces, your self-care face-masks and moisturizers, family photographs, an aromatherapy diffuser, a bag of jelly beans for midnight snacking… The possibilities are really only limited by the size of your bedside-table. 

You don’t need to be a certified sleep guru to create your own perfect bedroom. When in doubt, stick to what you like and customize where possible.