Baru Helps You Create the Perfect Living Room

Guest Contributor

May 12, 2021

Living rooms are the core of most family homes. It’s where we socialize, relax, snack, play, and watch TV. And the secret to creating the perfect living room has nothing to do with throw pillows or color schemes--it’s about designing around your needs and lifestyle. 

Whether you are moving into a completely new home or doing some remodeling, Baru is here to help you make the most of your furniture shopping and create your perfect customized living room. It only takes 5 steps.  

Step 1. Plan for Real Life

Think about what activities your living room needs to support. If this is where you and your friends gather to watch TV or play video games, you might need a media center console. If this is where your kids will be playing with toys, you might need a storage solution to keep their belongings organized. If the living room is where you have your family gatherings and entertain guests, you might need extra seats and larger couches. 

List the areas and furniture items you want the living room to include along with your intended budget. This will help you keep track of priorities and figure out dimensions when designing the room’s layout. 

Step 2. Maximize Space

This involves establishing a practical layout that adheres to your lifestyle. Large living rooms provide a wider range of layout possibilities. Depending on how comfortable you are with interior design, this could be a liberating or overwhelming factor. Our advice is to take your list of desired areas (reading nook, office space, kids den etc.) and work out how much physical space each area needs to be functional and where they might overlap. Small living rooms have more limited layout options but you can combine certain areas by incorporating versatile furniture pieces. A console table, for instance, could be both an office desk and a room divider. An ottoman or pouf could be both a coffee table and extra seating. 

There’s a tendency to start planning for every throw pillow and picture frame. Accessories can be easily added to any design scheme. Decide the big things first--function, layout, and furniture--before picking out decorative vases. 

Step 3. Choose Furniture Pieces That Fit

Your living room furniture should fit both design and space. Staple items, like a large rug, couch, and coffee table should be neutral enough to go with a variety of styles. And neutral doesn’t have to mean brown and black. A pastel pattern, a bold jewel tone green, and navy stripes all work with multiple design looks. The goal is to be able to change the feel of your living room without having to buy all new furniture. 

Depending on the layout and size of your living room, you may need custom furniture to fit the exact dimensions. Investing in custom items helps to maximize space and ensures those pieces can stay with you for a long time. You can find custom furniture online through the Baru platform or shop around on foot. We offer a wide selection of locally made custom furniture. You pick the color, finish and size that best suits your living room needs. 

Step 4. Let There Be Light

Your choice of ceiling fixture, floor lamps, and table lighting depend on your choice of layout. Consider where you would need the most light (for reading or homework sessions) and where you don’t want any glare (for TV viewing or zoom meetings). For the areas you need more light, prioritize natural light. Go for overhead lighting if natural light is sparse or unavailable.  

The amount of light an area needs might also influence the quantity and size of your side tables. A side table in an area with low light might need to be larger in order to accommodate a lamp. A side table near the TV might only serve a more decorative purpose and could therefore be a lot smaller. Like your other furniture, lighting should fit both aesthetically and practically into your living room design. Doing so allows you to utilize pieces for years and years. 

Step 5. Personalize and Accessorize

Living room accents are more than just trinkets. They present a canvas for you to fill with personal memories and stories. Now that the living room foundation is set, you can add that wow factor and make your space truly great. This is your opportunity to craft a living room that is perfect for you. Choose full-length curtains for a more cozy feel or scatter bright pops of color via pillows and cushions. Display treasured photos or whimsical decor. Incorporate different textures like reclaimed wood, metal, wool, wicker, and glass. 

Be conscious of including too much. It’s hard to relax in a cluttered room. And crowded walls can make a space feel cramped instead of cozy. You can always rotate accents and decor throughout the year. 

You don’t need to be an interior design expert to create your own perfect living room. When in doubt, stick to what you like and customize where possible.