Baru Means Quality

The materials that Baru selects are sustainably sourced, engineered for durability, and selected for their beauty.

Leland Thomasset

September 28, 2020

2 min read


Our Luxury Wood Collection is a sheet of select wood veneer, bonded to a dense structural layer with a patented mix-match technique.

By combining wood veneer from different trees and with varying slicing techniques, one obtains continuous surfaces without optical interruptions. Your furniture achieves a uniform visual quality without compromising on the vibrant aspect of wood for a pleasant feel and touch.

Baru Wood Finishes

Our Wood Collection materials are engineered using only water-based stains, glues without VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and lacquer with a minimal solvants. We earn an A+ emissions grade by independent testing facilities for healthiest possible air quality in your home.


Domestically manufactured and European imported veneered materials provide the elegance of natural wood materials. At the same time it is a more affordable material choice for the best value in a real wood material.


Decorative laminates are great for low-wear uses where affordability is of primary concern. Our panel-stock is made in Canada, North Carolina, and other regional quality manufacturers. The materials conform to the strictest air-quality and sustainability standards in North America.


The Elemental Collection materials use the most sophisticated technology for the lamination of materials and always with PVC-free products.

The Elemental collection is available in two different finishes:

HIGH GLOSS: over 90 gloss units surface and increased high scratch resistance. This finishes is the epitome of modern sophistication and minimalism, ideal to create a futuristic interior.

ULTRA MATTE: Treated with a PVC-free plastic foil to create one of the highest matte finish available on the market with high scratch resistant characteristics. Select this collection to create a modern industrial interior for a rugged yet edgy look.

Baru Elemental Collection material