The Essentials for Creating the Best Home Office

Guest Contributor

April 26, 2022

3 min read

Functionality and comfort are two key considerations to keep in mind while designing a home office. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you will need to take for achieving this balance and creating the perfect workspace.

Create an Isolated Space

Distractions are a common challenge faced by those working from home. The ideal location for your home office should be a room away from the kitchen and the living room. But, if you have limited space, you can isolate yourself by following these steps:

●     Use a screen to divide the room and create a dedicated workspace.

●     Buy a pair of noise-canceling earphones to keep distractions at bay.

●     Share your work hours with members of the household, and request to not be disturbed during the same.


Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Furniture with poor ergonomics will lead to back pain, and neck aches. Conversely, ergonomic furniture will provide the required comfort for long hours and focus solely on your work. Here are the three essential items you should buy:

●     Ergonomic Chair: These are designed for long hours of sitting and provide complete support for your back, neck, and arms.

●     Standup Desk: A Baru standup desk provides the flexibility of working while sitting down or standing, allowing you to overcome the drawbacks of being sedentary for a long period as reported by Zenbooth.

●     Ergonomic Keyboard: According to Logitech, these keyboards have a division in the middle and padding at the bottom to allow your hands to be in a natural position while typing and reduce fatigue.


Design a Work-Friendly Environment

Here are three additions to include in your home office to create a work-friendly environment:

●     Have Good Lighting: Ensure your workspace is located close to a window to allow for good air circulation and plenty of sunlight. For artificial lights, opt to use a combination of ambient lighting for the room and direct lighting(desk lamps) for your work desk.

●     Add Houseplants: Houseplants in the office will provide numerous benefits such as reduction in stress, increased productivity, happier mood, and noise reduction.

●     Include Smart Storage: If space is limited, add vertical shelving to allow you to store important documents and work equipment. This will keep clutter in check and provide you with a clean workspace.


By following these steps, you’ll create a home office that provides the perfect balance between work and comfort, resulting in better work performance and a healthier lifestyle.