Which Home-office Desk Owner Are You?

From your profession to your home-office space, there are a lot of factors in what exactly you need out of your desk. We make it easy for you with a breakdown of some of our available models. All you have to decide is the exact dimensions and then ask yourself, which home-office desk owner are you?

Tino Go

August 31, 2020

3 min read

Our made-to-order furniture is designed to fit your budget, space, lifestyle and obsession. When you are ready to pick out your newest home office desk, our options are all ready for you. We've put together a collection of desks that you can look through to make sure you're making the right decision for your home office.

The Teacher - My strata model adjustable-height desk accommodates a chaotic work/play environment. The minimalist 40 in. surface fits my computer (tabs open to an array of at-home learning activities and crafts projects I never thought I’d have to do) and soundproof headset (to prevent infant screams and laughter from seeping into every one-on-one meeting). And the adjustable legs both hide the mountains of unfinished lego sets and DIY projects from video calls, and allow for frequent sprints to the kids’ rooms. I’m sending an SOS to the elementary school.

The Bingewatcher – Making a quick switch from morning Netflix marathons to afternoon meetings made possible with a Desk-Console and Retractable TV Media Center. Side drawers fit plenty of chips, pretzels and popcorn, and the phone charging ports mean I’m always on hand for any unexpected fire drills (though mentally I’m still in Xadia with a sparkly star elf.) Thankfully, Netflix renewed Dragon Prince for another four seasons.

The Vacationer – I was supposed to have my sabbatical in Tuscany this year. But I guess frozen gnocchi dinners, bottles of chianti, and a euro-style desk make for a good consolation prize. A muggy city skyline doesn’t evoke quite the same dolce vita vibes. And I’ll have to trade cypress-lined roads for a home-office renovation. Though hearing my mother yell at the neighbors for not wearing a mask is reminiscent of Italian nonnas, I suppose.

The Gamer – A cloud model adjustable-height desk with drawers provides the surface room for triple-screen gaming, storage space for consoles, and enough leg room for my GTRACING gaming chair. I may write code by day, but I’m moonlighting as a cyborg ninja bent on dismantling his family’s criminal empire. (Well, at least until Cyberpunk 2077 is released)

The BakerThe organizer (true to name) keeps everything organized. There’s a place for Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds cookbook, a place to store recovered family recipe notes, and a place for my laptop. As a bonus, the Mocha Maximatt finish helps to camouflage floury fingerprints. That reminds me, I’ll need to order more bread flour. (gluten-free sounds nice healthy, but I’ll take my chances with chewy carbs.) Hmmm, I wonder what Mary Berry would suggest.

The Gardener – The crystal table lends a certain feng shui to the office. With a customizable width of 70 inches, there’s plenty of room to display an extensive succulent collection and mostly ornamental watering can. It fits perfectly under the window sill, where I have a clear view of the balcony herb garden. The ocimum basilicum is suffering from root rot and I refuse to let it die a third time.