Why You Should Invest in Custom Office Furniture for Your Business

Tino Go

June 10, 2021

4 min read

Across the U.S. anyone over the age of 16 is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. With more and more people getting vaccinated, the nation is slowly but surely returning to office work. Major tech companies and organizations are opening their office spaces on an optional basis this summer. And employees are emerging from the pandemic with new priorities and ambitions. 

The future of office work will likely not be a simple return to normalcy. At least for the next couple of years, employees will have to navigate in the space between fully on-site and fully remote work. The workplace will be less for personal work and more for team collaboration. What was commonplace and expected must now be re-designed to better suit this strange new world we’ve found ourselves in, making it more important than ever for companies to invest in the right pieces for their organization. 

Without spending an absurd amount of money, businesses can order custom made furniture to better their branding, productivity, and employee satisfaction. 

Better Branding

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer likes to emphasize the importance of having some kind of garnish on every drink for the simple reason that perceived value can increase a product’s actual value. He also recommended mixing drinks with brightly colored liquor and to opt for thinner taller glasses instead of short and stout cups. The color and garnish make a cocktail seem more complicated and sophisticated. The taller glass makes it seem like you’re being given a larger quantity of alcohol. All these details add up to a pricier drink menu because that’s the value customers perceive and consequently expect. 

An office space is admittedly not the same as a dive bar menu, but similar rules do apply. Just as visual perception is crucial for product branding, workplace atmosphere is crucial for team branding. Make your workspace a reflection of the company’s culture and ethos. Hide clutter and disorganization with plenty of storage. Choose higher quality furniture that will keep a lot longer. Redesign spaces  to support organizational priorities. And when in doubt, a clean modern design is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. 

More Productivity

Good office ergonomics should always be a top priority, even for startups. Optimizing your work environment for better productivity, focus, and health is never a waste of money. An ergonomic setup means organizing workstations to better accommodate an individual's physiology, eliminating any unnecessary strain on muscles and joints. These adjustments allow employees to work for longer and more comfortably.

Input optimal desk height, length, and width for perfectly custom-sized ergonomic desks. Or better yet, opt for adjustable height desks that allow you and your team to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

Employee Satisfaction

Good office furniture can (and should) be both literally and figuratively comforting. Our mood and energy is partially dictated by the colors and aesthetics around us. Gray-colored furniture can be calming and relaxing. Orange furniture can be energizing and playful. Yellow office furniture can be warming and positive. Choose the colors and finishes that would best suit your team. And invest in quality items that will stand the test of time without wearing out. 

Know that supplying your team with an ideal work environment shows that you care. We all want assurance (especially this past year) that our employers and colleagues care about our well-being. When part of a positive, productive workplace, we are more collaborative and more likely to stay. So throw in some quirky accents, vibrant wall prints, giant posters, or interesting plants. Add all the personality and flair you want. Or keep things as minimal as possible. Just be considerate of your team and cognizant of their working styles. 

The right office furniture--desks, chairs, storage, tables, and lounge seating--has always played a role in the way we feel about our workspace. And the atmosphere of a workplace has always had a significant impact on employee productivity and comfort. We’re certainly not the same people we were at the start of the Coronavirus shutdowns, but our commitment to employee and customer satisfaction remains unchanged.