Baru’s Modular Kitchen Cabinet

Baru’s Modular Kitchen Cabinet

Our latest product is unlike any other furniture item we’ve done before. Thanks to our partnership with Mike Titus and Troy Millworks Baru is excited to add modular kitchen cabinets to our growing selection of custom made furniture.

So let’s quickly dive in and explore what makes a kitchen cabinet modular, how Baru cabinetry is different, and why they’re the perfect design and storage solution for your kitchen.

What are Modular Kitchen Cabinets?

Modular cabinets lie somewhere between custom-tailored and ready-made furniture. Like LEGOs: each “piece” or modular kitchen cabinet is pre-made in the design and color of your choice, but exactly how they’re assembled is up to you. Combinations of floor-to-ceiling units, upper cabinetry, and lower cabinets can be grouped together to fit your kitchen’s particular dimensions and your individual preferences.

Modular kitchen cabinets are typically sold with countertops, hinges, shelves, drawers, legs, and hinges already included. And they can be made from a variety of materials.

What Makes Baru Different?

The Baru modular kitchen cabinet is custom-sized for the best possible fit and customizability. Custom-sized corner cabinets and pantries are also available. We use Eurodekor TFL boards that are durable, hard-wearing, and can reproduce the look and feel of wood grain, concrete, or vinyl finishes. We currently offer 14 different fade resistant colors and styles in the San Francisco Bay Area. And our soft close drawers can withstand up to 100 lbs.

Each unit includes Euro-style doors and drawer faces, modern and durable stainless steel toe kicks, and functional countertops. All of our modular kitchen cabinets are also designed for one-tool installation. This means that you could purchase a Baru DIY kit and assemble the pieces yourself, or have our team quickly install everything according to your desired layout.

Why You Should Choose Modular

Modular furniture is a great alternative to custom-built remodelled kitchens. Modular cabinets are just as versatile and customizable, and they come at a fraction of the cost. They can be installed and arranged to suit any layout--small apartment galley to mid-size L-shape kitchenette to large farmhouse-style kitchen.

Modular cabinets can be used to completely remodel your kitchen or as an add-on for additional storage and counter space.

And here’s a secret: modular cabinets don’t have to be used in a kitchen.

Upper cabinetry can be added to a bedroom for more storage. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can be placed in a living room. A single cabinet could function as a side-table or nightstand. As your living space is down-sized or up-sized, your modular cabinets can change form and adapt to your changing needs.  

Whether you’re looking for a storage solution, budget solution, or small living space solution, modular kitchen cabinets may be the answer.