Top 5 Tiny House Storage Solutions to Use in Every Home

Top 5 Tiny House Storage Solutions to Use in Every Home

The Tiny House movement has made a massive impact. Aside from their sustainable ethos, Tiny House designers have proven that storage space can be elegant, functional, and easy.

Below are our top 5 Tiny House storage solutions and how to implement them in any-size home.

1. Catalogue twice, declutter once

There’s no reason to invest time and money storing items you don’t want to keep. Categorize possessions into three categories: essentials (like clothing and toiletries), entertainment (like books or video games), and shared possessions (like kitchen appliances or bed sheets). Go through each pile and declutter anything you don’t want to keep.

Pro tip: try a “no-buy month” (or “no-buy year” if you’re feeling adventurous). You’ll have less to sort and declutter. You’ll minimize your carbon footprint. And you’ll also save money.

2. Shelves everywhere

Wherever you can put a shelf, do it. They maximize vertical storage space and can even act as eccentric wall decor. Think rustic floating shelves or sleek overhead shelving. Try leaning a ladder against a wall for an unconventional shelving unit. Or make a hanging mason jar storage shelf to utilize even more storage space.

3. Multi-purpose seating

Every piece of furniture in a Tiny House must serve more than one purpose. The chairs are no exception. A storage bench in an entranceway or at the foot of your bed provides both additional storage and additional seating. An antique trunk lends a flair of old world romanticism along with its heft storage space. And a wide ottoman can be used for storage, cushioned seating, footrest and living room coffee table.

4. Hidden cabinets

Cabinets can be installed just about anywhere--under stair steps, under a couch, under a bed, on the wall and on the floor. You could also buy modular storage cubes to be easily moved around and recombined for different seating or sleeping arrangements. Just be sure to use dividers or baskets/bins to keep things organized within the cabinets as well.

5. Decorate with gear

Hang your bike and roller blades on the wall. All the chunky equipment that’s difficult to store can be displayed as wall art when not in use. Hats could be featured as part of a gallery wall. And tools or office supplies could be hung for easy accessibility.

The key is to maximize your existing living space with pieces that fit, store, and look good. Visit the Baru blog for more storage hacks, small space solutions, and custom made furniture.