It's nice to meet you.

An exceptional solution to familiar challenges.

The places where we live, work, grow, and create are personal. Our homes and offices (and growing number of home offices) are uniquely shaped by our preferences and personality.

The furniture needs to fit - figuratively and sometimes literally - into our spaces and into our lifestyle. 

This is why Baru lets you customize every aspect of your furniture: the dimensions, the material, and color. Your needs come together in a beautiful, well-crafted piece just for you.

Baru is changing the relationship people have with their furniture. Baru doesn't offer a static selection of mass-produced pieces shipped from afar. Instead, talented local manufacturers create each custom order on-demand.  
Baru furniture is made specifically for you, by craftspeople in your community, to last a lifetime.

A commitment to people at every stage.

It all matters. Our customers. The materials we choose. The furniture makers with whom we partner. Our commitment is to making incredible furniture that's made locally, with sustainable materials, and that inspires you for decades to come.

Community - Made in the United States.
Baru has selected local manufacturing partners across the United States. Baru makes your furniture order less than 60 miles away from your delivery location.

Premium materials.
From our Luxury Wood Veneers or Laminates to our Solid Colors, each material must meet our rigorous standards on durability, sustainable sourcing, and lasting beauty.

Sustainably minded.
By employing local partners, Baru avoids long-distance shipping. Every 20-ton container that is NOT shipped to the US from Asia avoids emitting 12 tons of CO2.

3-week turnaround.
Baru manages everything from delivery to in-home set up for no extra charge. Standard delivery in three weeks; no other custom furniture service comes close.

The Baru Home Community Impact

1% of every Baru purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Baru community is making below.


You have questions, we have answers.

Our Process

How fast is delivery?

Three weeks is standard.

Are delivery and assembly included?

Local delivery and assembly service are included. Please clear the area where your new furniture is to be placed.

What materials is your furniture made of?

The materials that Baru selects are sustainably sourced, engineered for durability, and selected for their beauty. You can learn more about our quality in our blog Baru Means Quality.


Do you do custom furniture designs?

Please contact us at info@hellobaru.com with your ideas!

I'm not sure what height to order - is there a standard height for desks?

We have a blog post for you! Office Ergonomics Made Easy addresses how to design your perfect home office based on what works best for you. The industry height standard for a sitting desk is 30".

Is it possible to add casters to the Cloud Model desk so I can move it easily?

Sit-stand desk legs do take casters with a M10x15mm threaded stem. Other legs may accept casters, please contact us at info@hellobaru.com with your ideas!

Can my desk include holes for power cords?

Please contact us at info@hellobaru with your requests.

How are the width and depth measured?

The width is from side panel to side panel. The depth is measured from the front of the desk (where the drawer would be) to the back panel.


How can I contact you?

For fastest response, please email info@hellobaru.com.

Do you have a warranty policy?

We take care of warranty claims with the same white-glove service.

Do you have a return policy?

We accept returns with a 25% restocking fee. No questions asked. Baru picks up the product.